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Have questions about our services?

Take a look below at our FAQ and if you don’t see the answer you’re looking for please contact us and we will be happy to assist your enquiry.


Can I park there?

Yes, free parking is available outside in a shared lot, first come, first served. 

Additional street parking and a paid lot are also nearby. If our area is full, you can usually double park to load in your equipment. 

Can I record video in the studio?

Yes, we have used the studio for a lot of video projects over the years. However the room is not a sound stage, this means you may have spill from our neighbours or the sports ground next door. Audio is at your own risk. 

Can you help me on the day?

We will provide a tour before each shoot commences, instructing you how to use the space and equipment. We will be onsite, but not available to assist throughout the shoot unless there is unforseen issues. 

If you require more than this please book a dedicated assistant for the day. 

Can I book an assistant from you.

Yes, we can provide an assistant for a day rate of €250. 

*Assistant is there for general setup/help only.
*Assistant cannot be used as photographer. 
*Assistant will not run outside errands. (If you need a runner please contact us directly). 

Can you provide a photographer?

Yes, we can provide an experienced photgrapher for €500 per day.

*Please note if you book the studio for a half day, full day rate still applies. 

Can you provide a videographer?

Yes, we can provide an experienced videographer for €500 per day. 

This includes, basic audio, lighting and X2 Sony cameras capable of shooting 4K 60FPS. 

*Please note if you book the studio for a half day, full day rate still applies.

* Does not include editing. Editing is priced on a per project basis. 

Is there additional furniture or props available?
  • X2 Wheeled Blue Fabric Room Dividers
  • X2 Black Cloth Room Dividers/Bounce Fill
  • X1 Leather Chair
  • X1 Black wooden chair
  • X1 Wooden Chair
  • X1 Red Stool
  • X1 Chestnut Leather 3 Seater Couch
  • X1 Vintage Black Leather 2 Seater Couch
  • X1 Wooden Coffee Table
  • X1 Laptop Stand
Could I livestream from the studio?

No, our wifi is only for basic use, we do not have a reliable connection for a dedicated live stream. 

What does your kitchen have?

Our kitchenette includes complimentary:

  • Tea & Coffee
  • Milk
  • Fruit 
  • Mircowave
  • Fridge
Do you provide bottled water?

By default no, our water is safe to drink and we have plenty of glasses & cups. If you require a case of water we can provide this for a fee. 

Can you source a Hair & Makeup Artist

Yes, if you require hair and makeup we can help you find someone. Costs and availability are on case by case basis.

Can I mount my own lighting?

Yes, you can mount directly to our beams and light poles. There is basic power outlets in the ceiling. 

What power do you provide?

Our power is basic sockets around the studio walls and ceiling. These are enough to run most basic video lighting and flash systems with seperate circuits we can utilize. 

If you are planning to bring an elaborate system, please contact us before booking to check if we can handle it.